Five Tips for Healthy Eating at the Holidays

The holidays can be a difficult time to face if you’re trying to watch your weight. All those delectable treats and goodies at every meal can be tough to pass up. You can indulge a bit at the holidays even if you’re trying to practice healthy eating habits. After all, you don’t want to have extra pounds to shed with a brand new health resolution after New Years. Here are 5 tips for healthy eating to get you through the holidays.

Avoid Overeating
The best way to put a firm obstacle on the road to obesity is to really stop overeating. It’s all about mindful awareness of when you are just about full. When you are eating, you don’t want to get overly full. Once you feel that total fullness, you’ve already overeaten. Learn to stop when you feel satisfied, but not grossly full. This can be done with some practice. Another bonus tip is that when you are at a holiday gathering for a meal, only eat half of what is on your plate. Save the rest in a “doggie bag” or bring your own reusable to-go container to take the rest for later.

Make Good Substitutions
This is easier said than done, but you can do it! A little bit of confidence goes a long way. Making good substitutions can be as easy as choosing a healthy choice over a less healthy one. For example, when faced with an appetizer platter, focus on beneficial and filling vegetable choices instead of fried foods, cured meats, or fat-filled cheeses. Salsa over creamy dips. Fruit for dessert instead of pie.

Prepare Traditional Dishes With A Healthy Spin
If you are tasked with bringing a dish or making the whole meal you obviously have more sway over what you make. When you prepare traditional dishes with a healthy spin, it can make the meal much better for you. Things like cauliflower macaroni and cheese, gravy made without butter, or desserts baked with apple sauce instead of oil are a few options. There are so many great
substitutions you can make that you’ll never be hungry or feel like you’re missing out.

Never Go To A Party Starving
This is a great tip to prevent binge eating at parties. Always have a healthy snack before you go. Make sure as well that you’re drinking lots of water because sometimes thirst can be mistaken as hunger. Stop Stressing Stress can be a contributor to weight gain. With that being said, stop stressing about the actual holiday dates. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day are only three days. It’s just a few days to worry about, so make sure you enjoy time with family and friends without worrying excessively about your weight loss. Those are the days to splurge a little, if you’re able to watch your healthy eating plan the rest of the holiday season.