What’s Trending in Health

What's Trending in Health By Wendy Robertson Some of the biggest health care and medical trends for 2018 have nothing to do with gadgets or new medical techniques. The increased number of generics that will be released over the next few years is due to the expiration of the original patents. This, combined with the abundance of new, technological advancements, are two of the most important trends when it comes to reducing the cost, as [...]

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Get Back to Living The Pink Ribbon Program

Get Back to Living The Pink Ribbon Program “Cancer in general is horrible. But something about breast cancer that becomes more personal for a women. It involves one of the things that defines a women.” Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors through Fitness By Lealah Afif The Pink Ribbon Program is the first post-operative therapeutic exercise program for Breast Cancer survivors. Doreen Puglisi, a former college professor with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, created the program [...]

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Prediabetes An Opportunity of A Lifetime

Prediabetes An Opportunity of A Lifetime If you’ve received the diagnosis of Prediabetes from your physician, you have been gifted the opportunity of a lifetime to jump in head first to managing your health. Jump in like you did to plan your wedding, decorate the nursery or map out the vacation you saved years to enjoy. If you can muster that same level of dedication and passion, you can make changes today that will better [...]

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6 WAYS YOU CAN PREVENT (OR CATCH!) Breast Cancer Understanding your risk and being proactive about breast health can help lower your overall risk, or find breast cancer at an early) and more treatable) stage. By Bridget K. Brisk, Montclair Breast Center It’s common knowledge that smoking is the #1 cause of lung cancer and too much sun exposure will increase your odds of skin cancer, but did you know there are behaviors that increase [...]

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The # 1 KILLER of Women, is Not What You Think

The # 1 KILLER of Women, is Not What You Think Lung Cancer is the leading cause of Cancer related deaths for women in the United States today. Once thought of as a disease of smokers, according to Dr. Subroto Paul, Director of Thoracic Surgery at RWJBarnabas Health and Clinical Professor of Surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, “Up to twenty percent of women who develop lung cancer have never touched a cigarette. Women [...]

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