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Build Your Own Bowl at Sweetberry Bowls

Build Your Own Bowl at Sweetberry Bowls By Elizabeth Ferrari Sweetberry Bowls takes your taste buds on an adventure, and your body will thank you later! Founder and CEO, Desi Saran, along with his partner, Frankie Lo Picco-lo, believe in the potential of the human body. With a strong desire to promote a healthier lifestyle, their dream is to be at the forefront of the clean eating movement in Montclair. What Makes Sweetberry Bowls special? [...]

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Trust in the Compassionate Care Offered at People’s Care Institute

Trust in the Compassionate Care Offered at People's Care Institute By Elizabeth Ferrari After a series of unexpected but welcome events in the spring of 2016, Dr. Frantz Pierre-Louis and Dr. Esira Jaimie Beaubrun followed their own path and vision and opened People Care Institute in June 2017 to bring compassionate, people-centered care to Bloomfield, New Jersey and the neighboring areas. Dr. Pierre-Louis is Board Certified as an Infectious Disease Specialist and an Internist. As [...]

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The Dancing Blender Introduces the New Bantigo, an Acai Smoothie

The Dancing Blender Introduces the New Bantigo, an Acai Smoothie When a customer enters The Dancing Blender, they will always find a friendly face to take their order. Each member of the staff is dedicated to providing customers with the best service possible so they will look forward to returning again and again. The menu is full of flavorful smoothies, bowls, sandwiches and wraps that taste great and can be eaten on the go. Acai [...]

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Fueled by Doughnuts

Fueled by Doughnuts Run Like There's Doughnuts At The Finish Line Rachel celebrated Montclair Bread Company’s 4000th like on Facebook with a doughnut themed 4K in 2014. She had never run before but the running bug bit her that day. She start- ed running with a few local friends and realized that running with them was much more fun than going it alone so she created Fueled by Doughnuts. Her goal was to create a [...]

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ESCAPE THE CARDIO RUT AND EMBRACE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE With CROSS TRAINING Cardio is our safe place. We have been there, we know how far, how fast and how many calories we burn when we do it. But there are times when we question, what else can we be doing? Maybe it comes with the change in seasons, that injury flared up again or maybe you’re just ready to see changes in your body that the [...]

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Get Back to Living The Pink Ribbon Program

Get Back to Living The Pink Ribbon Program “Cancer in general is horrible. But something about breast cancer that becomes more personal for a women. It involves one of the things that defines a women.” Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors through Fitness By Lealah Afif The Pink Ribbon Program is the first post-operative therapeutic exercise program for Breast Cancer survivors. Doreen Puglisi, a former college professor with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, created the program [...]

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ACUPUNCTURE USING A HOLISTIC APPROACH MEANS ADDRESSING BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT “Holistic means to take a step back, and to look at the entire person/patient as they present in front of me.” Within his practice, Apple Acupuncture in Montclair, Dr. Jeremy Steiner, DAOM, LAc, treats the “whole” person. “To take a holistic approach means to ask several questions and to listen deeply to the patient. This allows me to gain more insight into why the [...]

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Healthy Living by Healthy Eating

Healthy Living by Healthy Eating No single weight loss method, or eating program can work for everyone, one size dies not fit all. The ultimate goal should be long term health through healthy eating and exercise. In order to lose weight and keep it off, exercise is a key element, as it AIDS in increasing the metabolic rate, which helps fat loss while maintaining lean muscle. Fiber is important for weight loss, as it improves [...]

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Prediabetes An Opportunity of A Lifetime

Prediabetes An Opportunity of A Lifetime If you’ve received the diagnosis of Prediabetes from your physician, you have been gifted the opportunity of a lifetime to jump in head first to managing your health. Jump in like you did to plan your wedding, decorate the nursery or map out the vacation you saved years to enjoy. If you can muster that same level of dedication and passion, you can make changes today that will better [...]

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Healthy Fresh and at your Doorstep

Healthy Fresh and at your Doorstep If you have ever come home from work too tired and spent from the day to cook and prep a healthy meal, Eat Clean Bro, the Freehold NJ-based meal delivery service is for you. Routing from a desire to share his passion for clean eating and simple meal preparation, Jamie Giovinazzo began cooking out of his parent’s kitchen serving and delivering clean, healthy meals to friends. From these humble [...]

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